JSC "Mogilyov meat-packing plant"
Belarus 212013, Mogilev, pr.Dimitrova, 11, tel / fax +375-222-42-88-10, 42-79-08, 45-54-04
About us

JSC "Mogilyov meat-packing plant" is one of the largest enterprises of the Belarus meat industry.

The meat processing plant works stably and is constantly developing. The enterprise invariably achieves the expected development indicators. Year by year its technological level is growing, progressive engineering procedures are being introduced, the range of manufactured production extends and improves, new kinds of activity come into use, qualifications and educational level of the staff rise, managing methods get improved.

Today JSC "Mogilyov meat-packing plant" is one of the largest meat processing enterprises in the Republic of Belarus, which has preserved high quality of its products in new economic conditions and continues to raise its production level.

Mogilyov meat-packing plant t products are highly estimated at specialized exhibitions and competitions of quality held in Belarus, as well as in the Russian Federation which is proved by numerous awards.

The purpose of JSC "Mogilyov meat-packing plant" is the output of products which are competitive, safe, reasonably priced, having the best consumer properties, able to meet the consumers’ demands and ensuring a steady profit to the enterprise itself.